First Warmoth project (THE GLITZKRIEG!) complete; some thoughts and comments.

1.  While no one at Warmoth ever told me that my Star-shaped body would be an "exact" replica of an actual Charvel Star, I do feel that I should have had some prior knowledge that the body would in fact be so much smaller than the real Charvels that it won't even fit safely in their vintage cases.  I had to learn this the hard way.  Now I know not to assume that a Warmoth repro is in fact a straight-up "copy," but I wish I had known this before.

2.  I would have left most of the hardware supply to the luthier that put my guitar together.  I am not nearly skilled enough to have ventured in handling all the electronics installation and setup myself, so I paid some pros to do it for me.  When I brought the guitar in, I showed them the box of hardware I had procured from Warmoth and they ended up suggesting upgrades on many of the components, most notably the input jack plate, pickup selector switch, and the pots.  They didn't charge me anything extra for this, but they did spend a lot of time explaining to me why the particular parts I ordered from Warmoth were inferior.  This wasn't that big of a deal to me, and if I hadn't been aspiring to build the ultimate guitar of my dreams I would have been fine with the Warmoth-ordered parts.  However, now I feel that there is probably some compromise made in the convenience of getting every single element of the guitar straight from Warmoth.  This is less a complaint than an observation.

You can check out some unfortunately low-quality pics of my guitar, which turned out to be probably the most amazing guitar I've ever seen or heard, in the Misc. Guitars section of the forum galleries.
Dunno what you built... but I can say that the Warmoth supplied CTS pots are in the same league as all the rest of the premium pots... (once you clean the metal on the body so you can solder to it).
That may very well be true.  The only reason I don't feel like a sucker for going with my luthier's professional suggestion is that it didn't cost me anything.  It may very well be the sort of thing that doesn't matter at all, but I saw no harm in taking some advice from a seasoned pro.
I just checked the misc. gallery, I didn't see any guitar under the name jace of spades. 

And the only Guitar that looked close to a star shape is a star of david looking thing, is that yours? Jaimes? if not, clue us in.
Never Mind, I was looking on the Warmoth Customer Gallery, I found your Guitar Here under Misc...

Thats pretty awesome looking. I am sure it makes the sound I like. Good Job