Finish first or build first


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I'm getting ready to build a cheap kit strat before I go with a nice Warmoth body and neck. I'm getting two schools of thought on putting it together: finsih the body first then drill -  drill first, fill, then finish. How do y'all do it?
There are a number of areas you may not be able to get to to apply the finish if the guitar's assembled, and you want to apply the finish to the entire body/neck to protect the wood. If the question is really "Can I drill any requisite holes for pickguard, jackplate, strap locks, etc. prior to finishing?" the answer would be yes.
Thanks. I guess I was a too brief in my question. The idea of building it first (drilling etc) also meant disassemby before finishing. I think the main idea behind it is to make sure everything fits and is in alignment before finishing so you don't mess up the finish later. It also means a lot of extra work, which may be worth it. I guess that is the real question.