Finally underway


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I've had some of the parts for this build for a long time.  This is the first Floyd equipped guitar I've ever done.  It also has the most bling.  Finally got the build started this weekend.  Still needs a setup and drill for the pickup mounting rings.  I wanted to make sure they lined up as good as possible before drilling.

Mahogany/figured Koa body
Rio Grande Crunchbox & Punchbox out of my strat
White korina/Brazilian Rosewood with MOP inlay neck


Can you give us a pic from the back of the white Korina neck?
How does the Korina Mahogany combo sound like?
Wow!  :eek:  Love that Koa!  A shame you had to ruin it with that ugly hunk of metal though....

Fernando should flip when he sees this.
Eric, it looks fantastic.

I like the control knob placements...........pure ergonomics on a Floyd Rose equiped guitar.
That's stunning. One of the nicest I've seen, despite the Floyd and the gold hardware, which actually work here. Fantastic.
Here's the back.


I really like the mahogany/white korina/Brazilian rosewood combo.  It mellows out the overwound pickups a bit and seems to have a bit more bite than a mahogany/mahogany combo might have.
Very nice, that korina fits well with the mahogany...Purdy bitchin'.. :icon_thumright:

That top is the cat's ass of flame koa too!!!