Fender strat knobs, pot shafts, metric v. standard? Hardware blues!



Three things:

I was trying to put some plastic strat knobs I ordered from stewmac onto the shafts of CTS pots, and they would not go on for anything. The shafts were too big. In my fitful struggle, I managed to push the pot apart, leaving the threaded part on the pckguard and the back of the pot and wiper/shaft on the floor. I was able to reassemble the pot, so no tears there, but:

Are there different shaft sizes and different strat knobs available? I assumed everything was .25 inch? Did I inadvertently order knobs for metric pots? A set of knobs from Guitar Fetish fit fine. So what gives?

In other hilarious hardware hijinks: Fender 5-way switch, Fender pickguard (both Fender-branded parts). After wiring everything up, neck-only position will not work; I keep getting neck and middle. After disassembling, trying a different switch (also from Fender), problem persists. Take switch out of pickguard, works fine. The pickguard slot was too short for the switch. WTF? (X-acto file made short work of that, but still...)

And my last question/gripe: Same pickguard is rubbing up against the forward edge of the tremolo plate, right by the hinge screws (6-screw vintage style). That seems like the kind of friction I don't need. I should probably trim that back, right?

Sounds all too familiar. I've had the same experience with strat knobs. It seems they're all mainly metric. I just squeeze the split shafts with pliers, as recommended by Warmoth (go to knobs in the hardware section)
Sounds like that pickguard was made on a friday :icon_jokercolor: