Favorite pickguard color for Vintage White Tele with Rosewood neck


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Finally down to my first build. It's going to be a telecaster in Vintage White with a maple/Indian rosewood neck. My question is. I've never seen many guitars with this Vintage White color in person and don't know which pickguard color suits it better. I pretty much like the black, tortoise or black but wanted to ask since many of you probably have more experience with this color. Can you help a brother?  :dontknow:

Cheers and thanks a ton in advance.
Vintage white harmonizes with everything, but white or black make the most sense , if you want contrast use black, it'll look good
Here's a photo of a guitar I no longer have. It's an Olympic White body, quite faded, with Warmoth tortoise pickguard and rosewood finderboard.

...and the same neck on a white blonde (Mary Kaye) body. I have to say, that the older body was probably a better match for the pickguard and neck.

My Squier bass has a tortie guard on Oly White with a rosewood board. It looks great.
I think Mint Green looks really good too, with aged white knobs and pickup covers.

Use Mint Green from somewhere other than Warmoth though, as theirs is extremely green. The official Fender ones are nice.
I hate this type of question because you're gonna get 20 different answers.

Just go with the color that you like.
Mint green or a nice translucent tortoiseshell! Tonar can direct you to his favorite tortoiseshell source
Street Avenger said:
I hate this type of question because you're gonna get 20 different answers.

Just go with the color that you like.

I'd agree, but I don't think "Bob Marley" is even doing anything with a white Tele at all...

Oh, my "mint green" answer was because I misread and though we were talking about a Strat!

If it's a Tele I change my vote to a nice, classy, dark tortoiseshell.Or bakelite.
Although I never gigged with it or played outdoors, my old Olympic White Stratocaster body aged to an almost Vintage White – even under the pickguard and the neck plate.  The pearloid pickguard yellowed and mellowed as well to almost the same color as Warmoth’s Vintage Pearl.  It would look great, IMO: 

Now that I found the pictures and (possibly) source of what I had in mind, let me try to tempt you



I believe these are from Pickguardian.com, though his site doesn't list him, a call/email might be able to get one.

I know how important pickguards are, I spent countless hours designing and refining the pickguard on my Les Paul Special inspired Telecaster, and almost as much time finding the perfect 4 ply pickguard (I was pretty insistent on that point), and those little details helped me create the guitar I dreamed of. Actually, this single-ply tortoiseshell was my second option, and I don't think I would have regretted it.
This rosewood one should should end the conversation...