Fat Neck Profile


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Hi everyone.  I just finished my tele build that I've been all excited about, but I have a small worry.

I still need to set it up, and break it in a little with the strings on, and let these parts gel together as an instrument.  The issue is with the fat neck.  I am used to playing a Les Paul Custom, which has a pretty thick neck, but the fat neck is even thicker.  Those who have them, do you think this is just something to get used to, or do you think maybe I chose the wrong neck?  I have pretty long fingers, so I'm hoping it's the former.

Also, I really hope it doesn't come to this, but what's the cost/benefit of getting it shaved down a bit and refinished?  Would Warmoth do it? (obviously I would expect to pay for something like this)
Give a whirl for awhile.  You can always shave it down later.  It's much harder to put back.

Plus Fatbacks have nice tone!
I can't answer this as someone who has a Fatback, but I can answer it as someone who has owned and played many different guitars.  Everytime I get something new, with a decidedly different neck profile, it takes a little adjusting.  But I haven't found one yet that I absolutely could not adjust to.  I would keep it as is for a while and see what you think later on.
As an owner of a fat back neck, I can say that you should not be disappointed.  Especially if you have long fingers like me.  Most comfortable neck I've played.
I have a fatback neck on mine. Did take some getting used to at first. I did notice some improvement in hand fatigue on songs where a lot of bar chords are used. It has also been pointed out to me by bandmaits that the guitar has a lot of sustain.

I had that too, but after a while I got used to it, and now I can't play something else without developing cramps inmy hand.
Not sure what finish it you've gone for, but on my satin finished maple fat boatneck, I found that the only thing I really needed was to give the finish a rub over with some 0000 grade wire wool, set the strings up a fraction higher and it transformed the feel completely. Very much easier to play and I don't even have bug hands. It does take a little adjustment when I switch across from the Clapton profiled Strat though, but it doesn't take long.