Fair price for a used Pignose


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Hi guys--

I'm looking around for a little Pignose amp for my wife--she is starting to learn how to play guitar, and she is using my old Squier Strat to learn on because the frets and action are so much lower than my acoustic flat-top. The problem is that she is having a hell of a time learning how to balance gain, volume and presence on my ten-watt Marshall practice amp. My thought was to find her a little Pignose, due to their simplicity and their track record (twist the snout and away you go). I can buy a new one for $75 on any of the big guitar websites or at Guitar Center. However, I am more willing to find something used compared to a brand new one. If it breaks, I can always fix it on my own, so I'm not worried about buying it used. What's a fair price in you guys' opinion?

5 bucks.    just kidding.  no really, 5 bucks.    i got one for free outta the dumpster once and i got my moneys worth.      :icon_jokercolor: