Factory tour


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Hi all,

I had the wonderful opportunity today to visit the Warmoth factory up in Washington.  It is guite a site to see with al the craftsmen and women applying their craft to the raw wood and other materials it takes to make a guitar.  The smell of drying wood and sawdust permeate the facility and everyone works in close proximity to each other in a kind of harmony that comes from creating art with your hands.  Greg gave the the quick tour since I had a flight to catch but I got to put my  hands on some amazing necks - canary with Ebony, one piece Brazilian  rosewood necks that were sensational.  Made my birdseye maple necks pale in comparison.

Anyway - great hospitality - I am sure that they do not get to actually meet many customers nor see the finished products after they leave the factory and are assembled in someones home guitar shop.  If you ever get the opportunity to be in Seattle - Warmoth is a 60 minute ride south towards Mt Everett - that is with their horrible traffic - pay them a visit I am sure you will not be disappointed.
(Oh oh, I forgot to mention not to tell anyone,  :laughing7: ).

We were making an alteration on his Warmoth body that we had missed previously and GuitarBaker just happened to be coming through town. Someday we'll hopefully have a walk in store open to the public. That would be sooo cool for everyone!

It was really nice to meet you GuitarBaker! I'll get that Brazilian neck wrapped up for you..... :laughing7: 
I'm in Portland area, just down the road, I love Seattle. I would make the drive to visit, if I didn't think I would be crashing the party.

In fact, I would take a huge cut in pay to work at a place like that, unless of course it's a hell hole to work in, which I doubt.
Seems like there's quite a few opportunities...no doubt, due to folks like us...


It was nice meeting you too.  I worked some on the guitar today.  Got it just about ready to be wired and strung.  It is looking great.  You have some real crafts people working for you.  I love the smell of all that wood.  I'll post pics this weekend when I am finished.