Exotic wood availability?


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Are the exotic woods getting harder to find? I just inquired about a build and it seems the wood isnt available in a L5S body.

I am bummed out. :help: 
                                              Anyone else run into this?
What wood? Many species are getting harder to come by/more expensive, depending on what you asked for they might not have it in a size suitable for an L5S, but that could also depend on whether you were ordering a solid or hollow body
dennq said:
Are the exotic woods getting harder to find?    

Yes. MUCH harder to find. Probably 99% of it is going into hardwood floors in million dollar houses.
I was looking for a LS5 in Bubinga with a Flame Walnut top. A tribute guitar in memory of my father. His favorite woods. Said they couldnt do it.

I will have to change to something else. Any suggestions?????
Which was the problem, the bubinga or the walnut?  I presume the bubinga.  All I know about bubinga is it weighs a buttload... maybe mahogany instead?