epi Strat Pickguard ?


hi there

i  have a epiphone strat mad ein korea a really value line that ephiphone had out several years ago

i have made some new intalaltions to the guitar and i was wondergin is there possibilitie of getting a red pick guard for this guitar
ive been trying to look for them but all i can find is a fender one that have 8 o 11 holes

and this pick guard has 10 holes and the design varies a little bit

do you have any idea of where i could a a red pickguard for this guitar

attached is a image of the guitar so you have an idea of what i am talking about

hope you guys canhelp me to see what pick guard from warmoth stock is best for me i dont really want to drill that guitar
The spacing of the pickups, especially the neck pickup, look totally whacked out to me. Nothing from Warmoth is going to fit that monstrosity.
Max said:
You may have to go the spray paint route. Make sure to clearcoat it when you're done.

True, but a can of paint will cost more than the guitar is worth.
I think these guys will cut you a custom if you send them a tracing of your pick guard, plus they stock Red/White/Red 3-ply.

"Nothing from Warmoth is going to fit that monstrosity."
"True, but a can of paint will cost more than the guitar is worth."

RLW not everyone has a ton of cash to drop on a guitar.
One of the reasons I prefer this board over every other guitar board I've hung around on is
because of the complete absence of gear snobbery. I don't think comments like this are

try pickguardian.com.

thay can make custom pickguards if you send them a pickguard as a template...............it's gonna cost you about $60 whcih you can decide if its worth it or not
try terrapinguitars:

you can send them a tracing of your pickguard, and they will do you an identical one in red.

if it were me, i would go for a black pearloid pickguard. that would looker way better IMO than red.