EMG Wiring Diagram picture request

Does someone have a picture or a diagram of how to wire 2 single coil EMG (non battery use) to a Seymour Duncan 59 humbucker and a 5 way toggle switch?
The EMG website has some pretty comprehensive diagrams. You can download the basic 9, or each specific diagram as PDF files:
Since you say "non battery use" it sounds like you want a "normal" diagram, the granddaddy sites are Seymour Duncan:
work your way through the Duncan choices.
Stew-Mac has a good introduction section, I don't know what your skill level is but it's a start:
If you want to get into all the wacky deviant wiring that a SuperSwtich can get you, there's always a diagram somewhere on the web. I don't even really understand this stuff at a deep level, but if I can find the right diagram for what I want the guitar to do I can get stuff to come out fine.