emg pickups


Just new to this and need a little information.If i were going to use EMG pickups how would i order a strat body
with a battery box.And should i order a single or double battery box.Was thinking of zack wylde set in a strat.
All EMG pickups will work with one, two, or three batteries.  Adding more batteries will give a stronger clean signal (good for lots of FX or a long cord) and should help push you amp into overdrive.  Most of the time only one batteries is used because you don't gain a lot from more then one battery. 

I don't really know if there is an advantage to a 18 volt+ system, unless you are using a booster like the Kerry King set or the special tone controls like the David Gilmore set.  I'm not really sure if you'd be gaining more than battery life.

I can tell you that if it's a top routed strat and you are not doing a boat route you want a battery box, either that or be ready to take off your neck to replace the battery.

A couple years ago guys on the zakkwylde forum were raving about the two battery setup, but personally I'm not even an EMG fan.
From EMGs FAQ:

"Yes. If you've got room for multiple batteries in your guitar, you can use two batteries wired in series to power your onboard circuitry at 18 volts. The output level will not appreciably increase, but you'll have increased headroom and crisper transients. This is especially useful for percussive/slap bass styles where you can generate enormous instantaneous power levels across the entire frequency spectrum.

You can also wire two batteries in parallel to provide a regular 9 volt supply but with much longer lifespan between battery changes.

Although most of our products are rated for 27 volts, we recommend a maximum of 18 volts. The additional benefits of 27 vs. 18 volts are negligible."

Basically more voltage, more sensitive, more headroom, not a lot more gain. 
trust me, I have a top route warmoth with a EMG set (SA/SA/81) there is barely enough room for 1 9volt.  If you want to go that direction, get a battery route. A rear route might have enough room though.