Email ordering


Could someone please explain to me how to save the order forms to a hotmail email.  I don't care if you explain it like I'm 4 I just need to order, it's killin me, thanks in advance.
hi 11

you should be able to select the options on the order forms on the warmoth site then copy and paste. do this by left clicking at the top
of the form holding down the button the dragging down to the bottom of the fom highlighting it, then click on Edit at
the top of the screen and click on copy or press Ctrl+c, then in hotmail click on the writing space and paste by pressing Ctrl+v.
check the options are still correct as you will not be able to change them now.
if you are paying by card you will need to scan the payment form as it will need to be signed. do this by filling in and printing the form
then signing it then scan the form and save it. in hotmail click on attach and browse the file the click open then attach.

preview the whole thing before you send it.

hope this is helpful