Edenhaus Guitar - plagerism of Warmoth?


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This is on Edenhaus page, for the woods they sell.  Their descriptions looked very familiar.  A bit of re-arrangement.  A bit of editing, but its pretty clear that they started with the Warmoth text.


Alder:Alder is used predominantly for bodies because it is readily available, light weight and has a full even tone. Alder's natural color is light reddish tan with little or no distinct grain lines. Its closed grain makes the wood easy to work with and finish. Alder has been one of the main woods for Fender bodies since the beginning. It was primarily used for solid color paints but was also used with three tone Sunburst or Tobacco burst finishes. Because of its proven tonal characteristics and lower price, Alder is one of our most popular woods.

Ash:We offer two different types of Ash, Northern Hard Ash and Southern Soft, or Swamp Ash. Northern Hard Ash: This is a very hard and heavy wood. A body will weigh 6 lbs. and up. With its density, the tone is very bright. Its color is tan, but also tends to have heart wood of pink to brown tints. The grain is open, very much like Oak. This wood is also very difficult to finish because of it's open grain. Swamp Ash or Southern Soft is a prized wood for many reasons. This is the wood many 50's and 60's Fenders were made of. It is easily distinguishable from Northern Ash by weight and in it's lighter appearance. The weight of this wood varies greatly, but the lighter bodies are the most sought after, anywhere between 3 1/2 to 5 pounds per body. This wood sings, offering an even balance across the entire spectrum of brightness and warmth. The grain is open and also difficult to finish but well worth the trouble, a beautiful choice for clear finishes. Swamp Ash is our most popular wood.

Basswood: This is very light in weight, bodies usually weigh four pounds or less. The color is white, but often has green mineral streaks throughout. This is a closed-grain wood, but quite soft, it can absorb a lot of finish. This is not a durable wood and not used for clear finishes, but because of it's dark warm tone is still a fine selection.

Mahogany: Honduran Mahogany, is the same wood used in many fine solid and hollow body guitars. This is an excellent wood with good musical properties, covering the gamut from Blues to Jazz, the tone is warm full and sweet with good sustain. Mahogany varies in body weight averaging 5 lbs. or more for a solid body. The grain is open yet easy to fill. The wood varies in appearance from very plain to a beautiful array of ribbons, a good wood for clear finishes.

Maple:There are two types of Maple which we use, Northern Hard (Hard Rock Maple) and Western Soft (Big leaf Maple). Hard Maple is the same wood used for necks. It is very dense, and weighs quite a bit. The grain is closed and easy to finish. The sound of Maple is very bright with a lot of bite. It looks good in any style finish. Western Soft Maple is another wood like Alder that grows in and around in Washington State. It is usually much lighter and softer than Hard Maple, but is a little more towards reddish brown in color. Its sound is characterized by good bite and attack, bright, but not brittle like hard Maple. Our Fiddle back and quilted bodies are western Big leaf Maple.

Walnut:Walnut is not quite as heavy as Maple, It has a similar sound though not as bright. Walnut is very beautiful with open grain. Oil finishes can look wonderfully rich on this wood when applied properly.

Koa: This very beautiful wood indigenous to Hawaii. Weight varies somewhat from medium to heavy, a good wood for basses and in combination with other woods to create hollow body guitars. Koa has a warm sound similar to mahogany, but a little brighter. Like Walnut, this wood may be oiled or sprayed clear either way this wood is gorgeous.

Zebrawood: This wood is very heavy with a very distinctive look, open grained with light and dark brown stripes it is becoming more and more common in the bass and guitar world. Its weight and sound are similar to Walnut depending on the application. It is difficult to find in thick pieces, but it is more commonly available for laminated bodies where it excels. This wood may be oiled or sprayed clear, either way this wood is also very beautiful.

Rosewood: This wood is our heaviest with bodies weighing in at over six pounds plus. We've used several different species, depending on availability, but our primary choice is Indian Rosewood. The sound is much warmer than Maple, the high end seem to lack a bit only because of the oily nature of the wood. Finishes are difficult to apply because of it's oil content.
Jeez, that's pretty obvious, and incredibly lame. I can only assume that they're equally clueless about everything they're selling if they have to cut and paste from another company's website. That's one place that won't be getting any of MY cash dineros.
I've seen the warmoth wood descriptions - often verbatim - on tons of websites. Not any real companies though..
It's done in Peavey's custom shop app, too: http://www.peavey.com/hpspecial/index.html
PEAVY has a custom shop?  :toothy12: HAHAHAHAHAHA... And they want about $3500 for something you could easily do yourself with better PUs for a grand; good luck to them...
They really are trying though. My favorite part of that custom shop website is, you can log in and "load a saved build"  :laughing3:
I skimmed through their "frets" description, it's a blatant lift too. I went through a few other bits; they write like retards! That's not usually a great indication that they run their business in a way that interests me...
we manufacture Strat, Tele, J-Bass and P-bass Guitar parts the same way Leo did, by hand.
- Horsecrap - the whole point of Fender was in applying factory mass-production & standardization to guitars, "Leo" never lay around with pliers bending up bridge saddles, yo.
our paint shop provides you with the ever elusive Nitrocellulose lacquer
- ever elusive? At least use a dash, dude; they seem to have real problems with commas, periods, punctuation & spelling in general, I suspect "edenhaus" is just a corporate front for a parts reseller, who's primary language sure ain't English. When you click on stuff it directs you to several different sites, like Guitar Alley - "B. Hefner" offers the "ever illusive Burgandy Mist metalic paint" jobs - I like MY Burgundy Mist Metallic jobs to be ever-elusive, thanks, slap some "graf tech" saddles on there what's the big diffie though? :laughing3:
I heard a lot of horror stories about their service too! extremely long waiting times, wrong finishes, wrong specs, neck and bodies not fitting, etc...
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whitebison66 said:
A friend of mine runs a very popular website about Hong Kong cinema, and he writes reviews of films.

URL, if you please! I love sites that trash movies, this one is a particular favorite...

He doesn't really trash them all the time, and even when he does it's usually subtle. Some actors, though, do get dumped on pretty good (and deservedly so!): www.lovehkfilm.com

jackthehack said:
PEAVY has a custom shop? 
All the big companies have custom shops, Peavey manufactures many audio/guitar products for three decades and they sell them all over the world. I have not played any of their guitars, but they look impressive no matter the cost http://www.wolfgangguitars.com/CustomShop.htm