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So I stopped by Guitar Center today to get ideas for my second project, and picked up a used EB Axis (wolfgang style) with an unfinished maple neck.  It was dirty and grimy with splotches all over it, but it was by far the best neck I played there.  What is that - simply unfinished maple?  Or is there more to it?  And how do I get that feel from a Warmoth neck?  Do the splotches hurt the wood or performance?


I think the EB neck finishes are "gunstock" oil, guess you could use Tru-oil for that, wait, checked website and it says "Selected maple with choice of maple or rosewood fingerboard Finish Gunstock oil and hand-rubbed special wax blend"

Wonder if the guy sanded that down or wore it down to bare wood? Did the "splotches" look like dirt/oil soaked into the maple or what?
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Just a though, Spalding:
Have you talked with the guys from Warmoth? I'm not sure if this neck matches with their products ( assuming that the body will be a VW).
tung oil will give you that exact feel just put on 3-4 coats buffing with super fine steelwool after each coat and the longer you play on it the smoother it gets i do all my warmoth necks like this ive got one thats almost 20 years old you can look at it in the strat forum under evil twins it has that kinda dirty splotchy look to it i looooove the feel thanks kayle
The wood on the fretboard was the same way as well - was the finish just worn off?  I find that hard to believe as the guitar was not that old and the staining and discoloration was up and down the entire fretboard.
it seems to get dark and splotchey pretty fast to give you the worn in look . you can clean most of it off pretty easlily with furniture polish or hold on tto your hat ill get slammed for this but ive used wd-40 on mine sprayed it on  then rubbed it off  sense it was new hey if its good enough for my high end gun stocks its good enough for my guitars,
So to make one, I just get a maple neck and put a little tru-oil on it?  No poly?  Or tru-oil it and then sand it?  Or leave it totally raw?
maple isn't cool to get really raw. It get "greenished".... I think it's something like fungs... Warmoth crew can speak it with more technical knowledge... I saw a answer like that here somewhere, just can remember where... :icon_scratch:
Leaving the warranty/potential warping issues aside, maple being very light in color tends to absorb dirt, grease, koolaid, lipstick, whatever and discolor in ways less than ideal. Unless you want to spend a lot of elbow grease sanding on a regular basis you want to at least seal it against discoloration, tru-oil should work for that.
spauldingrules said:
So to make one, I just get a maple neck and put a little tru-oil on it?  No poly?  Or tru-oil it and then sand it?  Or leave it totally raw?
i wouldnt leave it totaly raw just put 3-4 coats of pure tung oil on it lightly rub with super fine steel wool between coats and after the last one it will feel kinda sticky for about a week or two then get smooth and like i said the more you play on it the smoother it gets . ive never had one warp or any problems with this method of neck finishing.  one of the guitars i built using this method is almost 20 years old and the neck on my black korina kws is about 5-6 years old. just keep in mind that warmoth dosent cover this kind of neck finish under their one year waranty.i finish all my necks with tung oil only. warmoth makes such fine products i dont really feel like its a gamble. and i recoat with the same method periodicly. every year or so just to make sure the neck has protection on it.
                                                        thanks kayle