Earvana Nut question


Ok, so I have a Warmoth build on the way, and I realized I hadn't ordered the Earvana nut yet.  I went to Earvana's site, and while selecting the right nut, there's an option for "Fender Base - Curved or Flat". 

I have a Warmoth Pro "Warmoth" 1 11/16" neck being matched to a VIP body.  I assume that the nut width should make it compatible, but what is this Curved/Flat business? 

Which should I choose?  Kind of a newb question, but there it is.
You want the flat base, the base or bottom of the nut and nut slots on some Fender Strats is curved with the radius of the fret board, other Strats as well as Warmoth Necks (except for the Warmoth total vintage necks these have the curved bottom slot) have a Flat bottomed Nut slot, not a curved bottom slot.......so order the Flat base model.
Another question: I like high height string profile... Looking in the site of Earvana, it's looks like a tradicional "almost low" profile...
I'm right? anybody knows if they have high profile?
The Nut looks low but its more than sufficient for even High action, also the base that the slotted part sits on is oversized, allowing for adjustment that way, though its not recomended or necessary.
Hey agent317, Im not sure if you realize this or not, but though you do need a Flat base model, you will also need the Gibson style Earvana Nut if your using the Warmoth VIP Neck as its got the nut that rest at the top of the fret board not Slotted in it.........If its a Strat Neck then you'll need a Strat style nut but only then. You may have to call em and switch your order before its sent, if you ordered a Strat Style Earvana Nut it will not work on a VIP neck. You will need the Gibson Style Flat base model then. :sign13: :sign13: :sign13:

heres the link to the VIP neck construction section:

as you can see the nut rest above the fret board..........

heres the Strat section:


as you can see the Nut sits in a slot...........
It is a VIP-style neck.  I just emailed Earvana for the order change.  I would've called, but I'm on EST, and it's probably about 6 AM there... 

Good catch, Superbeast!  Thanks for the messages, too.  I think my ass has been saved.  Unless that Fender-style shows up.  I feel like such a newb.  I should've caught that nut-construction thing, but when I was ordering the guitar, I was so worried about woods and finishes and electronics that it slipped past me.

I love this community!  :party07: