Dye And Wenge


Perhaps the guys here knows others alternatives, perhaps even better, if so, I would like to know too, as this cannot be shipped to BR...
Yeah that dye is what I thought of too.  It's designed to dye unfinished wood so I don't see why it wouldn't work.  I'm not sure though...

Jack, willy, tonar, any insights?
Honestly, I really doubt anybody is going to know the answer to this kind of question. I'm not about to experiment either!  I recommend you try it out on the neck pocket (hidden) area, let it dry and see how it feels.
I think CB mentioned some Fiebing's leather dye before.  Looks like good stuff but I can't say I've used it. Just keep that kind of thing off your skin....
Dying it won't affect the tone in any way. I personally wouldn't try dying it, but if you're determined I think the wood is rather "oily" so you'll probably need to use a black universal dye concentrate diluted in lacquer thinner; experiment on the back of the heel first.