I do, I built my two EVH guitars with dupli color, I learned of it from:


I used this site as a guide for both my EVH guitars, remember the franky had to be painted black and white , before adding the red.

He also makes a pickup (attackbucker) that absolutely rocks, I got ones and it's awesome.

The dupli color dries fast, hard, easy to buff, sands easy and early, and is fairly inexpensive,  you gotta make sure you find the laquer, and unfortunately, like a lot of mfgr's, most have a better selection of enamel than laquer.

I am sure theres better paint somewhere, but this stuff worked well for me.

CD  what do you have planned?
Well I keep going back and forth on painting the body or using an oil finish. I was turned off finishing it myself after seeing a horror story about using Krylon from Dino over at eddievanhalen.com. I've already got a guitar with a natural finish though so I would like to paint it. I don't want to do a Van Halen copy so the body is going to be set up with HxS routing like a lynch but I want something that doesn't look exactly like either one. I heard that the duplicolor doesn't have the same wrinkling effects that krylon does. I was thinking about getting some star stickers and using them to mask the finish when I paint so I would have some cool star layout going on sorta like this:

I used some Dupli-Color in an attempt to achieve the color shifting paint that the guys at Warmoth did a while ago on a Strat body.  I found that that the ratio of propellant to paint in the cans are adequate so as the directions on the cans indicate, flip them over over each coat and spray onto scrap material to clear the valve.  They do get clogged easily and that makes for potential blotches on the item being painted.  I have a feeling I will redo this next year (or sooner time permitting) with a paint with a little more sparkle. 

Thanks Snouter. That looks pretty cool. I'm concerned with the paint wrinkling up on my down the road. How long ago did you paint that?

I'm not exactly going for a factory finish by the way. I want the green to be a matte.
I used several Duplicolor paints on the last guitar I finished, including both the color shift and glow-in-the-dark. The paints worked great and have held up beautifully after almost two years of solid use. Definitely recommended.

That said, I rushed the process a bit and didn't let the topcoat properly cure. I didn't realize my mistake until an unusually hot day just a couple of days after I "finished" the guitar resulted in the topcoat becoming tacky and sticking to the guitar stand. I learned my lesson and will give the clear coat ~plenty~ of time to cure, hanging on a stand, on my next finish.