Duncan Little '59

No, but they sound great (I have the tele version). Pure rock and roll. but I'm starting to think it's not possible to get a full HB sound from a SC-sized hum.
I know this is an older post but FWIW I have one in my American Strat in the bridge position and have used it for years and love it. It's *close* in tone to a PAF in a Les Paul. Just slightly brighter and not as full--but very crisp and articulate and fairly high output but not over the top. It's probably the best solution if you want a humbucker tone in single coil form. It's my number one guitar for recording, as the tone is like a cleaner Les Paul. Installed one in a friend's Tele with the same results.

Great sounding pickup--I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for that type of sound in a Strat or Tele.