Drilling hole for bridge grounding wire?


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I have put together a number of Warmoth six-string guitars, but I am working on a first bass - Warmoth neck, Ebay body. The body wood is decent enough, but I just realized there's no hole for an under-bridge ground wire to the control cavity. It's standard P-bass dimensions. As best I can see, Warmoth seems to drill a hole straight down from the bridge, then intersects it with another across from the control cavity? The bridge base plate is a full 2" from the corner of the cavity and 3.5" from the pickup hole, so it would take an even longer bit to get there in one shot. What's the customary plan for bridge grounding on a passive-wired bass?
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here's what I posted at that other place you posted this request ...

I use a workflow similar to Warmoth - I route a small dimple with a 1/2"D flush bit, and then use a l-o-n-g 3/16" drill bit at a very shallow angle to connect to the control cavity

you can see the dimple and drill bit here

the dimple is about as deep as the grounding wire diameter, and it has just enough edge to hold the drill bit so it can bite in without skipping all over the place. (the dot seen in the center of the dimple was for another purpose unrelated to the grounding tunnel)

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Dude you've got to ground the bridge or you'll get a lot of hum.  :icon_scratch:
"I have a TOM bridge and its fine."

TOM's ARE grounded. Just open up your back cavity and see the grounding wire that goes to it. When you order a Warmoth body with a TOM rout and you buy the bridge from them they will connect the wire to the stud when they install them. For a $10 fee i think.