Drill Press - worth it?


I'm thinkin' of getting a drill press for the pickguard, tuner, plates, etc. pilot holes. I've been looking at a dremel drill press attachment that goes for around $40.

What do you guys think? Piece of junk, or decent enough?


I've got the Dremel press and it works fine with a few caveats. #1, be sure to properly anchor it.  The base isn't that large and could be easy to pull over. Safety first. #2, remember a Dremel is not a high torque tool.  Don't force it down in the wood.  Parts of the press mechanism are plastic and are not designed to take great amounts of force. Don't muscle the bit down in the wood.

In other words, if all you need is light duty once in a while, it is fine.  Otherwise, if you plan on using it regularly, something a bit more heavy duty would be appropriate, IMO.

for the same money you can find yourself a used benchtop drill press at a garage sale or pawn shop. you'll be glad you looked around and got the real deal instead of the dremel attachment

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I've got a small 1/2 hp benchtop press here, rarely use it.  I can drill a hole square enuf with a hand drill it seems, but some folks cant, so please use whats best for ya.

I'm rather fond of that Milwakee screwdriver with its included chuck.  It really does a nice job, runs just under 500rpm and makes it hard to get in trouble.
I've been wrestling with this question too, I'm going to have to sink the posts for a non-locking whammy on my upcoming 7-string because Warmoth won't route for anything but a Floyd Rose. I've always been of the opinion that I can do just about anything slowly, and safely, with hand tools that I could otherwise screw up with power tools, but gee those bridge posts seem critical to get perpendicular.... I had (sort of) planned to borrow a drill press for long enough to sink two holes, what I really figure is that once the wood gets here (November?) I'll be bound to figure something out. I'm not sure how deep that Dremel stand can even get to on a guitar body, it doesn't look like it could even reach bridge posts and pickup cavities - that's one specification they don't say.
-CB- said:
I've got a small 1/2 hp benchtop press here, rarely use it.  I can drill a hole square enuf with a hand drill it seems, but some folks cant, so please use whats best for ya.

And I think this is a really good point.  I've got a decent hand drill as well and am capable of drilling square.  However, since I don't have an extensive track record (ie experience) doing it consistently well, I error on the side of caution and use the press for the most consistent results.

One nice feature of the Dremel press is you can rotate the Dremel mount sideways.  This allows you to use it a stationary buffer or sander for small parts.

Thanks a lot for the advice!

I would like to have a cool, standalone drill press for myself, but after a few strolls down the warmoth showcase... I'm broke! Hence, the dremel attachment.

Drilling for the pilot holes just seems scary, it would suck to splinter the finish. Is there a way to avoid this? I saw a thread where the question was raised and the answer was to drill at medium speed... what would medium speed be?

Another place said that the way was to drill in reverse, and then at the normal direction.

Yet another place stated that the best way to avoid screwing up the finish was to tap the wood with a sort of ice-pick looking tool, and then drill.

The dremel attachment would only be for drilling these (pickguard, tuner and jack plate) pilot holes.

The tutorials I've seen just breeze over the pilot hole drilling part. Am I just overly complicating myself, or IS it a problem?