Does anyone know if Osmo can be used on guitar bodies?


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Hi folks
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I have been watching a lot of European videos on You Tube where they are renovating old buoldings. Bringing them back to life.
When it comes to the old hardwood floors, a lot of the renovators swear by Osmo Products to put a finish and polish on the flooring, but I have also seen it used on Oak bench tops and window frames.
It is EXPENSIVE, no doubt about it. But it seems to last, even in high traffic areas like floors.

Got me thinking... which is probably dangerous! Got me curious.
Anyone here have any experience with Osmo and wonder whether it can be used on guitar bodies and maybe necks?
I have not used it personally, but they have a large range. Something like their Osmo Wood Wax Finish Extra Thin or other variant depending on the wood grain may be a suitable option for a guitar body / possibly also a neck, depending on the feel when it has dried. It is not that expensive here depending on quantity and samples are available.

The product I mentioned has high VOC content but is safe when dry for humans, animals, and plants, apparently.
But it seems to last, even in high traffic areas like floors.
You know what else was designed for floor and high foot traffic? Polyurethane ;)

Actually this an interesting idea, I need to learn more about “hardwax oils”