Distortion pedals with a lone star???


Hey guys,

Anybody found a good shred pedal for the Lonestar?

My blues/roots rock rig is a Mesa Lonestar (yep, I'm
Boogie junkie :) through a 2x12 vertical slant rectifier
cab and a pedalboard.

I really like the Lonestar for the clean to medium distortion
tones but if I want high gain (like the red channels in my
triaxis) it doesn't quite get there.  Mesa's tend to be a bit
finicky about which pedals they like.  Any ideas would be
appreciated, experience would be better. 



it's gonna sound like a pain in the ass but how about dragging the lonestar and your gutar down to the store and try some out? a couple of the local shops here and not just GC have a pedalboard full of stuff to try out. should be something in your town.


Great pedal, you can have it in front of the amp both on the clean and dirty channel.
On dragging gear down to GC, yeah I know.  It's just a PITA.

Can anyone tell me what pedal was in the video clip?
Youtube tells me the video is no longer available.

I really like the Zendrive, but apparently they're so backed
up, they aren't taking orders anymore.


right click on it and follow the link to yourubes site. I had the same problem with another YT link on another thread.


Xotic BB pedal; here's another link to their page:

Hey thanks guys,

The BB sounds awesome. 

The way the picture is for the video I didn't realize
that it was Abdy Timmons.  I'm in Dallas and have
been going to see Andy for years.  He rips and is 
a really nice guy too. Never too busy to talk tone
or gear.  I do business with a couple of BB dealers
here in town

Thanks again,