Dean Razorbacks!


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Anybody else a fan of Dean's razorback guitars? I would love to see Warmoth offer those bodies & necks...especially the V's.
That would be pretty cool, but I remember someone saying they put a few dean style necks and bodies in the showcase and it took a while to sell them.
I'm not that much of a fan of the razorback V's. But I do like the um....regular razorbacks.

But I guess they do have a limited appeal so I would understand why Warmoth wouldn't offer them.

I think it would be cool for Warmoth to offer an ML body style.
Dean is my favorite guitar company.  My Warmoth Les Paul sounds better than any of my guitars that i own. but my EVO is still more comfortable to play.

if they managed to get ANY dean styles in. I would probably buy them all.  Deans got a lot of the metalheads pretty happy with the ML and the razorbacks and the V and everything but they've also got some really cool vintage stuff like the Hardtail and the Cadillac.  not to mention the V headstock would be an awesome option for warmoth to do even if they didn't get any bodies in production.
I would definitely buy a razorback if such an option existed at warmoth. however, I understand that they haven't sold well, and they would probably be quite difficult to route and shape due to their size and intricate bevels. the idea rocks though! :party07:
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Dean is my favorite guitar company.

I couldn't agree more.

My friend just got a razorback for his birthday a week ago. That thing plays like a dream!

I absolutely love those huge v headstocks