David Gilmour EMG's


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So I purchased a used strat a while back with the David Gilmour EMG set.. I like them ok, they are fairly hot.. does anyone else on here use them? If so what amp/effects do you like with them? I don't play it a whole lot so I was looking for some feedback.

I got them in my strat.  I don't really own much for gear, but I run it through a Marshall MG15 Microstack, with a Boss Super Chorus, and it sounds really good.  Also sounds good with the amp's overdrive, or with my Boss Hyper Metal pedal as well for some distortion sounds.
So no one but us have them? heh heh well then I will say one thing about them, they are so very hot. Each of the 5 spots on the selector have it's own different tone, they are surprisingly functional, and just so very loud. I'd recommend tossing them in that old strat you've got in the closet.
Yeah I like them.  I've played from clean to the heaviest metal on them, and they can handle it all.  They respond well to pedals too, very clear.
I replicated a David Gilmour EMG set up for a friend in the early 90s and if memory serves me well, I put in 3 EMG SA pickups with one volume control and replaced the two tone controls with an EXG expander and a SPC mid booster.

My friend had a regular gig at a club which provided him with a Fender Super 60 tube amp, miked.

The guitar sounded really good and was extremely versatile.  With the EXG expander rolled up, the guitar sounded almost acoustic-like to cover a lot of "unplugged" numbers which were popular then.  For raunchier songs like old Led Zep numbers, the SPC mid booster enabled the pickups to duplicate fat humbuckers.

I read later that Mark Knopfler also used this setup in his Pensa-Suhr except he used an EMG humbucker for the bridge pickup. 

I put the EMG SPC mid boost and EXG expander in my Soloist and can really attest to the versatility of that combo.
The pickups from neck to bridge are 89/S/81.
Really, really versatile setup.  Love it.

Only thing I noticed is that if you turn up both the EXG and SPC, it does add a fair degree of noise.
But, why would you want to do that anyway?

You could call it "loud"....lots of output.

I also have a strat with the Fender Calpton Mid-boost.  That may even be higher output if you crank up the mid boost.
I think Clapton calls it the "saturator" or something.  Going into a tube amp, it really pushes the preamp.
Clean becomes crunch, crunch becomes saturation, etc...

Is the guy in the clip below someone here??
really like the tone - I wonder if that is a gilmour set too....