Custom Inlay on Warmoth necks


Check out the links to Craig Lavin's site and the recent article in Modern Guitars about his work. Craig does phenominal inlay work on guitars and has an extensive network of luthiers to help out on the project. This link is to my photo page on a recent Warmoth build, featuring completed and planned inlays. Check out the Gallery for a look at my peghead and 12th fret inlay and plans for the TR cover and ebony pickguard. Go to the "about me" page and click on the two links to Lavin. I looked around for a long time before contacting Craig, and was pleased to find out that he would work on fretted necks as long as the inlay does not extend between frets. This is a great resource for Warmoth freeks like me. Craig is a marine biologist and does fantastic work on marine themes. By the way, this Dikmeister Rosewood LP style build is progressing beautifully.