Custom bodies


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Ok, So this is what I was wondering... I am trying to get a specific body... They don't have it in the showcase how I want it, and If I cusom order it from Warmoth is it going to cost me my left testical?

What I want is a single pickup Strat, one knob, wih a string-thru body. So in other words the only hoes I want in the back of the guitar are the ferrel holes, and on the front enough room for one pickup and the knob and such...

I don't know how Warmoth prices things, so could someone help me out?

Is a custom order lke this more?
not necessarily - as far as I can tell the bodies in the showcase go for about what you'd pay for them custom ordered.  However, it might be just a little bit more money, and you'd have to wait longer.

What wood?
JamesL said:
Ash or Alder most likely, Tradtional Strat sound with a SD Invader Humbucker
SD Invader is the opposite of traditional strat sound...