crate v16


I'm a big advocate of the Crate palominos.  I have the V16 - it's tube pre and tube power full class A.  It's an amazing combo with my schecter C1 elite.  everything from syrup clean tones to a nice mid-level distortion which is very responsive to mellow pick attack for clarity and ring or heavy attack for drive and growl.  That's what I use.  But, turning the gain way up gives the great harmonics and a nice heavy distortion.  No additional effects needed.  Although I've been messing around with a danelectro daddy distortion stomp - for a little switchability...
I almost bought a V8 off ebay last week. I haven't had a chance to play one but for the price it seems like a real steal. How much overdrive can you get out of it really?
The reason I chose the V16 over the V8 is that the V8 has a single volume, where the 16 has seperate gain and level.  If you prefer a metal sound, you may want a pedal (chosen for the flavor of distortion you prefer) for classic rock and old school heavy metal, the V16 has what it takes.  Really where it shines too me is the clean sound - I run out of adjectives - bell like, rich, warm, glassy - and these qualities are there when you crank the gain too - very classic.
Had a v8 in the workshop about a week ago,we re-tubed it with jj's and at the customers insistance added a nice old e-bay prices this is still a steal.
Bumped a modded ts9/808 hybrid infront of it and cranked.
Had to goe for a smoke with in 45 much fun as you can have with your clothes on...well at least in the top 3 anyway