comfort contours

Website sez: Strat® Comfort Contours may be cut on most bodies that don't already come standard with them. You may choose just the Forearm Contour, just the Tummy Cut or both.

Add $15.00 to the body price per cut. ($30.00 for both)

I would guess that the bodies you COULDN'T get them on would be carved tops or hollowed bodies like the Thinline/L5S
Hey CD, I know this is off topic, I almost made a separate post to address this, I went to your website/myspace page and listened to you.

Dude, the "slow blues" is so good, I can hear beyond the production or whatever, I can hear the pink floyd, But, it doesn't sound like you are trying to copy them, it just comes out that way, sounds great, I'd love to hear a real good quallity recording of that. And it needs to be 6 minutes long. I liked all of what you have on your site, keep it up, I'm a fan now, I was a fan of you on here anyway, you do good posts. ( I am not trying to pick you up, I'm straight ) 

Very impressed, the guitar sounds great, everyone here should click on the members button above and visit CD's and other members websites and hear what they have to offer

CD is that a full band or did you do it all?

Thanks for the compliments. I didn't really expect anyone to pickup on what I was playing. All the stuff on there is just kinda thrown together without much thought. Slow blues was recorded on the second take and Minor Donuts on just one take for each track with the lead being mostly improvised noodling.  :party07:

I didn't really think of Pink Floyd when playing, but I can hear it now. I was thinking more of Jeff Beck when playing through the track but not trying to copy him outright.

The two blues tracks are just me playing lead over a couple backing tracks I picked up somewhere on some torrent site.
Oh yeah, I forgot to add the comfort contour I was interested in was the forearm and tummy cuts on an explorer body.