Colored Knobs


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I thought Warmoth sold colored Strat-style knobs but I don't see anything other than White, Black, Parchment, and Cream on the site now.  Am I nuts?  Didn't they offer Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Violet, too?

I want to build a "Green Meanie/JEM-style" Warmoth guitar one fine day (Charger green) and thought to be 'true' to it, I would have some non-standard colored knobs (I was thinking green, so Green Dimarzio pickups, green volume, green tone, green pu selecter switch knob, white/black/white pickgurard) like the original JEM777s had.  I'm still a "normal-looking" guitar guy, so I'd only go a little crazy with coloring unlike Icon Vai with pink knobs on green bodies, etc.

If anyone cares, here's a slight synopsis of my thought for such an instrument:

Basswood strat body, H-S-H, top route, contoured heel, Charger Green
Maple/Maple Warmoth Pro Strat neck, Wizard profile, satin finish, 6105 frets
White/Black/White pickguard and back tremolo cover
Original Floyd Rose with R4 nut, black
Dimarzio Evolution Bridge, FS-1 middle, Evolution Neck pickups, Green
Standard 5-way switch, Green knob
Volume, Tone, Green
Schaller M-6 Mini tuners, black
Schaller Straplocks, black

So, anyone know where you can get colored knobs?

Check eBay, there were a couple of people selling Strat type plastic knobs in a rainbow of colors there, here's one, but the green is pretty funky:
Only note for your parts list: spend another $5 and get an alder body, you'll never be sorry you did....
Thanks for the eBay link!  I actually purchased the knobs.  I'm fine with that green.  Maybe this will push me into making that guitar!

Also, I'm choosing Basswood for this due to homage to Steve's JEM choice.  I realize his current one, EVO, is Alder and any other guitar I would ever want would be Alder.  I just want to do this one that way for my own weird reasons.
That's what I figured, Gregg.

The same thing happened with "Candy" finished a few years back, right?  And now, they're back in the lineup (and I am so glad).

I guess colored knobs, like colored pickups, are are fairly esoteric desire for guit-fiddles.  Probably best left to manufacturers or specialized dealers.