Color board for 5A Thinline


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I am getting around to focusing on the Thinline so I did my first color board.  I’m not 100% sure this is the color I want but it is a good starting point and if I don’t come up with a better one I can come back to this one.  What do all think?

Bare Wood.

Here it is with the Yellow Dye which I thought was to orange at first but once I shot come clear on it I was Ok with it.

Here is the burst shot with clear with the photo taken outside.

Here it is with the photo shot inside.  The burst is browner in person.
Looks very, very cool.
I want to see that on an LP, or, as I've been saying a lot, an SG
You know the man is an artist when his practice board turns out better than what most of us could do on the real thing.  Kudos to ya man, it looks beautiful and we are all eagerly anticipating that thinline!
Yeah, I've seen a few like that, but the wood you used is so much more spectacular. :toothy10:
Just to add my belief:
If the Dark part of the sunburst be "thin" will look better than a "fat" one, but it's a matter of personal taste  :tard: