Clearing out scratches from a pickguard


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Hi Guys--

My uncle just bought a used Washburn Force 31 from a pawn shop down in Milwaukee for my cousin, and he wants to clean it up a little bit to present it as a birthday present. The body doesn't really have any wear or tear to it--I think it may have been repainted, and wasn't done half-a**sed. The only homely part on it is that the pickguard is scuffed up--nothing deep, but you can see the reflection break up with various little scratches here and there. Do any of you guys have a decent method for getting scratches out?  My first thought was Novus polish, which I've used on helmet visors. If anyone has something better that they use, I'm all ears.


#4 Swirl Remover. Handy stuff to have around for a variety of uses.