Christmas gifts and a relatively new echo dream


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So my Christmas gift (which actually came in the mail a couple of days ago) happened to be the neat little looper known as the Boomerang. I got an original off of eBay for $200, which is so much better than getting a new Boomerang III for $400-500. It's really fun, a little limited in that all you can do is record and add on but not choose between them, which isn't really that big of a deal considering it's the easiest to use pedal I've seen in my life. My drummer plays some weird indie stuff a lot and uses an RC-2 for loops, which I usually borrow whenever we play together. And, after playing with this for a couple of days, with it's precision timing, not having to wait for the three years it takes to erase old tracks, I don't think I'll ever be able to touch that RC-2 ever again.

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Now to the second piece. Even though I've had it for a couple of months I'd still consider it rather new. It's the Death By Audio Echo Dream 2, after "extensive" research over all the various echo and analog delay pedals, I settled on this, mainly because it was an absolute steal to me at $270 when the earlier, less easy to control version started at $400 from DBA. I was choosing mainly between a Boss RE-20 and MXR Carbon Copy before seeing this, which I knew was going to be awesome since I remembered the first version from a while back. After watching video after video and demoing the other two at GC, I just pulled the trigger and bought it, best decision of my life. Though I'll probably modify it in the future with switches for the modulation and fuzz on it, I still love everything about it; I actually took it down to the local GC where I know the guys that work in the pedals/accessories section and they practically melted. One of them plays shoegaze and he was drooling after I plugged it in. The best part was using this along with an EHX Micro Pog and Superego. I've messed with it a lot over at my school where I play every single day in the morning and can get some incredibly wild sounds along with really sweet tones using the modulation and tweaking the fuzz a little. Also, if you turn the delay all the way down, it functions as a "crappy" fuzz pedal.
So that's the latest on my newest pedals, lately I've been wrapped up in building an analog synthesizer so alas, I haven't been doing much building guitars but, that's life. :cool01:
Congrats. I really like Death By Audio - they make such exciting noise boxes. I would really like to get my feet on a Super Sonic Fuzz Gun  :headbang1:
My brother got me some 'Tone' in a bottle  :laughing7:  for christmas.