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Thoughts on a good H-S-S combo?
mostly want to know what the best choices are for a good noiseless single coil...
There is no choice for a noiseless single coil.

By design they will hum.

Tho only choice for noiseless singles is this , buy a WTF-OFF, in the o f f position they are the shit... you cant hear squat
What Fender says:
Stick a set of Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickups in your Fender Stratocaster for souped-up, fireball feel and authentic tone in a noise-free design. The Fender mod shop designed these Strat SCN pickups to deliver tried-and-true Stratocaster sound with huge bite and no noise. The bridge pickup has a DC resistance of 11.6K with inductance of 3.8 Henries. The middle pickup has a DC resistance of 6.5K with inductance of 2.4 Henries. The neck has a DC resistance of 6.5K and inductance of 2.4 Henries.

What Bill Lawrence says:
Last year, at the 2004 January Namm Show, Bill's latest creation, named by Fender the "SCN" pickups, was introduced on their expensive, USA made American Deluxe Guitars and the 50th Anniversary Deluxe Strats. Since then, with the power of Fender's marketing, the world has gotten a great big taste of what is means to play a "Bill Lawrence Pickup." Bill's loyal fan base always knew what it meant.

So, who ya gonna believe?  Believe Bill.

At any rate, they are dual coil pickups, not single coil.
I believe Bill.  I also have got some, and I for one like 'em.  They may not be true single coils, but they are noise free, and sound pretty rockin!
MKFAN said:
mostly want to know what the best choices are for a good noiseless single coil...
Kinman pickups have the classic Fender sound with no noise at all. What the company says it's true, they are not just noiseless, they have the sound too.
i've got a strat with the HSS setup and for the SCs i use dimarzio blue velvet.....nice and quiet.....i ain't gone say DEAD quiet, but i never noticed any hum personally.....true single coil and it sounds like My personal idea of how a strat should sound :guitaristgif: