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Bill in SC

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From the Warmoth "Gallery", this is the flame pattern and look I am shooting for with this new build.
This is listed as flame mahogany.  I have seen flame maple that is just as distinct. Either one will suit me, but I do want that BOLD natural "tiger" look
I dunno.  It seems over the top.  Perhaps the wrong finish.  Kinda reminds me of a poorly made egg-creme.
What I like about it is that the wood itself has the visual appeal, without some fancy burst, dyed, or otherwise "trick" finish people apply to get the look they are seeking. I don't understand how anyone could say any beautiful natural wood would be "over the top". Perhaps if the stripes were painted on in the tiger pattern, I would agree that it would be a little much. But this is just pure natural beauty. If I live to be 200.... :)
BB in SC