Canary Wood Neck and Danish Oil


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So I have my ebony/canary wood neck that I love the feel of, but having never owned an unfinished neck, I am nervous. Should I put anything on it, or is it okay to leave raw? I don't want to change the feel at all, so should I use Watco Danish oil?
I have read a couple different threads on this, but nothing specifically for canary wood, so I thought I would ask.
Also, if I am putting danish oil on the back, do I need to put anything on the fretboard?
Neither canary or ebony need any finish so it's entirely up to you. Putting a thin coat of danish oil on the back would possibly change the feel a little bit but it's easy enough to sand off if you don't like it. Leaving that neck raw is perfectly OK so don't be nervous, just remember you still have to maintain it.