Can I bring my Warmoth & call it Warmodoga?


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I almost need to find a new species to pick on, and no I don't mean the canine one. :help:
One thing i absolutely cannot stand is when people spoil the hell out of their dog in ridiculous ways like that. It's hedonism i tell you!
In LA, we have upper class women carrying their irritating little poodle things around with them in their purses! We even have little boutiques at the mall full of dog clothing and stuff.
Loving your dog is fine, but this stuff is nauseating. Where do people get the money to waste like this?

Bill Engvall did a great bit about dogs!
Dang - That's almost as frivolous as having 9 high-end custom guitars in your bedroom!!  :eek:ccasion14:
Now you and your dog can look like total tools for only $25 per session!  Was the article in this magazine?