Brown or clear Watertone Grainfiller for my black korina project?


Which filler is going to match the black korina wood best? Brown or clear?
I´m going to use Tung oil after filling.
Can I apply the filler in a porch (closed with walls) if the temperature is around +0-5 degrees celcius? (34-41 Fahrenheit).

Regards Mingus

BTW/ The wood arrives tomorrow, send an picture then  :blob7:
There really isn't any odor or fumes from the Stewmac filler, so you can fill indoors; it will take till next spring to dry at those temps.

I personally like the black grain filler for korina; as the base wood is "greenish" the brown filler will go an unattractive "orangish" hue, as will many brown stains/dyes; go the clear of those are the only two picks you have.
Great. I go for black. Maybe some clear filler at the end.
Thanx for your quick answers!

Regards Mingus
Good choice. Also note that if you were planning on using any stain/dye on the body you need to wait until the grain filling is complete. Being VERY waxy stains/dyes do not penetrate into korina very deeply and you'll sand it out in places when you sand back the grain filler. Do the first two fills with the black, then finish filling with clear; that will get the grain pores blackened, but make it easier to sand back final fill as you aren't dealing with the black filler staining the wood a little.