Body wood with Fender Shawbuckers


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I am in the planning stages of a Strat build. I plan on using Shawbuckers but am looking for any opinions on body wood. Anyone done a build with the pickups? I am leaning towards Ash body with a mahogany neck/rosewood board.


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In terms of body woods, I've found swamp ash to be bright with scooped middle, alder like chicken even toned, maple to be like ash but without the scooping, and mahogany warm, I guess that's low mids.  there's not a lot of difference between the first three. 

So ... what do you want the wood to impart to shawbuckers?  You want to cut through the mix?  Go maple.  You want to settle in the middle, then alder.  My advice, go with what you think would make you happy.  If you can't articulate what you want, then go with your first gut desires.  Life is short, don't think too hard.