Body number stickers


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PLEASE stop putting those body # stickers on the end of the neck pocket on unfinished bodies, they leave residue that sometimes has to be sanded off. Stick them INSIDE the neck pocket where the gluey residue isn't a problem when finishing
Try goofoff,  or lighter fluid works well for removing leftover glue residue. 

I can't imagine resorting to sanding because of a little glue
Stop buying old bodies then.   :laughing7:   We have to be able to see them on the shelf to find the body you have selected so they have to go there. If you buy newer bodies to the Showcase, you get no residue. Aren't I a good problem solver?   :laughing7:

I'll ask to see if they'll buy residue free stickers in the mean time though.   :icon_thumright:
Gregg - Thanks! :icon_thumright:

Alfang - It's not really the glue so much, on lighter colored bodies like real light mahoghany or alder you have a little round discoloration in the wood, hence having to sand as not to have a darker circle there; also, if you're trying to oil stain the wood that circle's residue wont soak in the stain w/o sanding it out.
OK. your talking about bare wood?  cuz painted wouldn't be a big deal.  I get it now