Blue Rick


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Hi everybody, following the serie her's my latest project: a blue Rick 620 inspired guitar. This was a birthday gift delayed and delayed but at the end comes true. It's a one pickup guitar with a maple Tele neck in a home made / finished body (made in swamp ash). The pickup, a Schaller Golden 50s, is wired so you can have a humbucking sound plus a out of phase sound, so you can go close to a Strat tone. It's finished with volume and tone controls. Enjoy the pics and chec out my other project: 12 strings crossover. More projects coming soon...
very nice!  any chance of making the router template for the rick body available?
Hi myfly, in a few days y can put the blueprint for the Rick body shape. I'm not using the original shape because the neck attachement. The original is a ste neck style and the fingerboard ends at the begining of the body, so I must go a little "inside". The design have 2 scews "inside" the body and the other 2 in a "tongue". Also I have "enlarged" the body a little bit here and a little bit there have a better balance. Both projects I have atempted in this shape have small diferences and I have notice that for playing sitting the 12 strings body is more confortable. I will post you the 2 shapes plus the original, maybe you can mix them in a different way and have a better solution. Keep in touch, I'll be back soon with the pics.