Black Warmoth Strat


my first warmoth project - alder body, maple neck, ss 6105 frets, planet waves tuners,
wilkinson bridge and lace sensor hot gold pickups with dually bridge pickup.



so far im really diggin this setup. since its my only decent guitar, i need it to be as versatile as possible. and it is :glasses9:  the dually is 26.4K. so its quite powerfull. its splittable though.
26.4 K?  Thats hard to believe. How do you know that?  There must be something else inline that your measuring.  Most humbuckers are in the 14K - 18K range, and thats with 10,000 windings on each coil.

Anyway, the Guitar is very nice. very Clean looking, It just looks like it wants to Rock. I echo everything said above.

Never Mind,  TY Google , Red Red dually, made my lace.

Does anyone have any experience with the lace pickups?  Are they any good?

I had the deluxe set up in a strat for years. It was the blue, silver, red,  neck, mid, bridge. I liked them in that guitar alot. That was an ash body with a maple neck. The pups arent as high end or sparkly but they are still versatile and work quite well. I now have a set of the chrome domes in a hollow strat. I liked em at first but realize that with the hollow bodies not having quite the attack as a solid that these may not be the pups for it.