Black Korina/Flame maple VIP bridge pickup decisions


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Hi everyone, I just got my VIP (H X H rout) body a few days ago and I'm finalizing my list of everything I'll need to buy to turn it into a rockin' axe. I've pretty much decided I want to put a DiMarzio PAF Joe in the neck position, but the bridge decision is harder to make. I'm trying to decide between a DiMarzio Mo'Joe, Breed Bridge, AT-1 or Air Zone. The latter three are the most serious considerations. I don't really want to copy Satriani's pickup configuration, but he is my favorite guitarist and he rules so I'm thinking about it. Given that the guitar body is Black Korina, I don't want to put in a pickup designed to "warm and smooth tone" that ends up muddying everything. Basically I'm worried that the Korina will make smooth pickups sound like mud. Another of my concern is that I'm trying to craft a tone for use in instrumental rock (a la Vai and Satriani etc.) but I want to avoid a pickup with overwhelming mids. Any advice would be most welcome, if anyone has personal experience with any of these pups, your anecdotes would be helpful.

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Take a look at the DiMarzio Liquifire as well.  I was thinking of a PAF Joe in the neck and the liquifire in the bridge.  Also the DiMarzio Evolutions are getting some great reviews by friends that have them (in either position).

Damn, guess I'll have to build two new VIP's now.  :doh:
The Liquifire looks cool, and the Evo 2 Bridge too. I like how the Evo 2 is EQ'ed. I guess I'll have to add it to the list of choices.

I say go for it  :icon_biggrin:  VIP's are beautiful.