Black Dye (Korina Body) HELP


Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum and I am working on a project, but need some help with my black korina body that I want to DYE BLACK.

1)  DO I need to seal it first? If so, with what.

2) What and Where can I purchase DYE that will change the BODY WOODS brown Color to BLACK.

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Fat Raul
Dye, by its definition is going to be translucent (see through) on wood.  Otherwise it would be paint.

Keep in mind that going to darken the softer parts and not be absorbed into the harder more closed grained parts of the wood.

I like alcohol or acetone based dyes... something based on a solvent.  These seem to penetrate very well.

I've used "Tandy Leather ProDye" on wood.  Its an alcohol based metallic dye, and has good lightfastness and good penetration.  It blends well and it can be faded or washed with alcohol or lacquer thinner.

Mohawk makes a line of wood dyes that is acetone based (more or less)... and does the same thing.

THANKS!  What about preping SEALING??  Does It need it? Should it be done before the DYE process?

Thanks Again!
grain filling, dye, seal (if you must) with sanding sealer, clearcoat.

if you do a good job with grain filling, you really wont need to "seal"

either way you do it, you still have to wait if you're using lacquer - its going to shrink into the grain, no matter what.  Give it a few weeks, then level it by sandingm  - there's a seal.  After that, two more coats or so of clear and yer done.
Well, if you're going to dye it black, you should consider ordering the black water-based grain filler from; they have aerosol sanding sealer there as well, and dye for that matter....
Sealer link, a good read
i'll have my people scim through it and they'll get back to you on monday. after all it is a friday and some of us have an eight o'clock tee time to get to tomorrow. can't keep the boys in accounting waiting now can we.