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stuck a Bixby on the ES-333 today. 


Feel and tone!~~

Feel is softer. Bends even easier.  Tone is just perhaps a little more upper middy, nice, rounder by just a bit. 

And amazingly, the Bixby keeps in tune on the ABR-1
I like your little stoptail plugs. Ever consider one of the roller bridges for keeping the bigs in tune? I've had terrible luck with bigsbys in the past.
Stoptail plugs are 5/8 inch aluminum sewing buttons.  I still need an attachment for them.  Saw that over on another forum, and asked how it was done.

Roller bridge is not needed on the 33x series.  See the break angle over the bridge?  Its rather shallow.  Works fine, returns to zero quite well.

On an SG though, they suggest the B5 Bixby.  DONT.  Just DONT.  The B7 (not the imports) is the way to go.  It fits, AND since its hinged, you can shim the front to achieve the break angle on the bridge as you desire.  And it sort of looks... sort of... similar to the Meistro they had (and works better too).

B7 on a Les Paul can be similarly shimmed. 

B5's work on Tele's - others too - but Teles are the main reason for their existance.
the B5 would be the one for a Jag - as long as you dont have the "Factory" or "standard warmoth" route for the Fender Jag vibrato.  You order up a body with just a tune o matic and do that.  In fact, a recessed tune o matic and no thru the body holes would be the cats ass on a jaguar.. if it had a bixby B5

The B5 is the compact unit, with the built in hold down bar.  It works very well with the Fender setup on a Tele... and the recessed TOM should be just about the same string elevation, and therefore similar (beneficial) break angle.
Bixby on a 335?  Two issues I can think of:

1. Isn't he dead?
2. Does he even play the guitar?

Just things you may want to consider....  :icon_jokercolor:

But seriously, that's a pretty sweet setup you've got there.  I like the buttons you used to cap the holes - they fit the look very nicely.
And remember, he recently concocted a home brew water activated CS gas which I personally would not like to be on the other end of.  I'm thinking he could use a "gift" T-shirt as a delivery mechanism.  First time you sweat in it, your skin melts off.
bwbass said:
Bixby on a 335?  Two issues I can think of:
.  I like the buttons you used to cap the holes - they fit the look very nicely.

I take no credit for the buttons - a fellow on another forum had the idea, and I copied it.  The button in the picture has a slight imperfection from molding, but I went and got another (was a bag of 11 off eBay for a buck or two)

TY though - I was holding off on the Bixby on account of the holes.  This solved that issue just fine