Bill Lawrence pickups


Are the Bill Lawrence USA Xl 500 and "Original" Bill Lawrence L500 pickups active or passive? They are comparable in price so I'm trying to decide which way to go. I have some time to wait as my new body doesn't get here till Monday(22nd) and I will still have to paint it. I've heard that the actual Bill Lawrence pickups take awhile for delivery. Any comments welcome.
they are passive

prepare to get a lecture about the real vs. the douchbag brands of BL pickups.

I have a L-900R which is by BLUSA and it's a very good pickup IMO.
The real Bill Lawrence pickups take about 3 weeks.  They build them when you order them.  You have to call them to get an accurate price, and then PayPal them, or just do it over the phone.  Their website is not the greatest, but that is because they are noted for pickups, not websites.  There is all kinds of history there between BL-USA and Bill Lawrence which causes quite a controversy.  Needless to say I am a fan of the Real guy, but really that is because of his contributions to the humbucker and general pickup design.  He also knows more on the subject than just about anyone.  Just a very interesting fellow.

Thanks for the replies. That's all I needed to know. I will go with the "real" Bill Lawrence pup.
Yes the "real" Bill is the Bill and Becky, aka Willie Stitch (sp) .  I got an L-500L and it was well built great service.  It wasn't a match for what I needed, so I put it up on Ebay and got several nasty emails from the OTHER Bill Lawrence company saying I could not use THEIR trade name in MY ebay auction  :tard:blah blah.  Quite the turnoff.  I, of course provided them with a complete detailed set of instructions on exactly where in their personal anatomy to strategically place their trade name and their product.