Best options for the clear coat


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I have been using Minwax clear lacquer over duplicolor perfect match lacquer in my various tests and didn't have any issues. A few days ago I notice a pattern in Gtr #1 from the towel it had been sitting on. I let the clear dry for a month before I started leveling and buffing. I just looked at my test body and the finish is cloudy where it had been in contact with the box it was sitting on. That finish had been drying for much longer but both had recently been buffed out with Mequire products.

Neither situation is giving me warm and fuzzies for the long term health of finished projects. Is this a reaction between the Minwax and Meguiars?  Am I missing a step in the Mequiars process? I am starting to think maybe the Spraymax 2k is actually a better option if the lacquer is this fragile and high maintenance but with no experience with that product I am also hesitant to go that path.