"Best" J-bass pups?


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Hey all, got another one of those "Which pickup is best" questions, unfortunately...  :binkybaby:  [br]I'm building a G4 with JJ pickup routs and I've got my pickup choices pretty much narrowed down to the Bartolini 9k1 and the Basslines Quarter pounders.  Yeah, yeah, I know Aero and Nordstrand get better "Jazz bass" tone, but I'm installing an 18v Bart preamp, so "classic vintage" is kind of out the window.  I guess the only thing holding me back on the Basslines is that they're single coil, and it's been my personal experience that even with active electronics (albeit 9v, not 18v), Jazz pickups can still get some EMI 60Hz noise.  I'll be using the bass mostly in a rock/blues power trio, so I'll need something that "cuts" pretty well.[br]Any thoughts/suggestions are of course welcome :rock-on:[br] oh yeah, the body is walnut and the neck will be wenge with a ziricote board (probably), and I didn't get the EMG 40 routs because I wasn't crazy about any of the pups I've seen in that format.
Dimarzio makes a great silent J-bass pickup. I will find out which one is the one I really like (my friend has them in his bass) and get back to you.
Hi, I've got the SD quarter pounders in my up-gunned mexico jazz bass. Love them. They have a full, punchy sound with a lot of output.  A bit of noise in recording situations, but nothing that bothers me live. Overall i'm very happy with them.
Its hard to say, I didn't like quarter pounders. The bass I'm working on now has 18v barts and 9J1 jazz pups so I'll see how they are.