Best info on the net for understanding lacquer on vintage gutiars

+1 on the thanks! That stuff is not only good info, but a fun read as well.  I love what you do with the finishes Tonar, you are a true artist.  While my first Warmoth body was purchased fully finished, reading about doing it on ones own on this board has givien me the desire to do my next one.  Thanks again and keep the info coming, we are reading and learning! :hello2:
Tonar8353 said:
I thought I would put this link up for everyone since it is the most complete information I have seen regarding the subject.

You can also find that article on It is a reprint from a vintage guitar magazine article and has the new dupont number chart so you can buy the same  vintage color paint. There is also an article on  Gibson vintage paint on the edenhause website.

That link is essentially the Bible to the ReRanch folks.  Great piece and I go back to it time and time again.