best hardtail bridge?


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hi,what do you think is the best hardtail bridge for a strat project? are there any better bridges out there than the warmoth stuff?

you  can check out ebay. Theres usually an old Stars or similar Brass harrdtail bridge with brass saddles.
I highly reccomend these. They may not be perfect but they are damn good.
I donlt like the little keyhole sdalles that come on most of them though. Thers not enough terriitory on tha saddle to do palm mutes off of the way I do it.
I have the Callaham hardtail Strat bridge, and was very impressed by the fit and finish, as well as the heft of it.  Don't know that it is the best, but I like it a lot, and it seemed way more substantial than many of the others I looked at locally.